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Chestnuts spread

Naples candied candied chestnuts coated with a thin film of translucent ice cream.

Taste of tender brown texture enhanced with a subtle note of vanilla pod (Bourbon from Madagascar).

Placed on gilded cardboard and wrapped in gold leaf.

Origin of the fruit: Naple

Ingredients & ALLERGENS
chestnut, sugar, vanilla bourbon Madagascar.

Nutritional information
For 100g: 1059 kJ / 253Kcal. Fat 1 g of which saturated fatty acids 0 g. Carbohydrates 59 g of which sugars 47 g. Dietary fiber 2g Protein 1g. Salt 0.01 g.

Further information
Net weight: 200g. Price per kg: 125.00 € / kg. ATTENTION: DDM of 8 weeks for our chocolates.

Chestnuts spread

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